It is not a must for one to be an astronaut, in order to have passion in the field. There are several ways in which one can help in space research by simply reading and being passionate about the field. For those studying or have a passion in astronomy, there are several books that one must make a point of reading. Some of these books are for beginners while some are a little bit complex. It is however advisable to start with the beginner books so as to have a foundation in the field. Some of the best beginner astronomy books are;

1The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide

Written by Alan Dyer and Terrence Dickinson, it is one of the best astronomy books for beginners. It tends to cover all the main questions asked by astronomy fanatics. From the book you will be able to learn about telescopes and the best software and research materials to read.

2Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide

The book was written by Dinah L. Moché who is a professor in physics and astronomy. The latest publication of the book includes some of the latest discoveries and a complete guide to the stars. It is the best way for one to feed their curiosity.

3Discover the stars

Written by Richard Berry, book is perfect for young individuals that have a curiosity in astronomy as well as adults that have basic knowledge in the field. The book is simple to read and is filled with illustrations to help the reader understand.

These are some of the best beginner books that you should make a point of reading. These books tend to address some of frequently asked questions on astronomy.